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Stones That May Help with Tarot Readings


  • Amazonite — connecting with nature spirits, increases clairvoyance
  • Amethyst — spiritual enhancer, spiritual protection
  • Aquamarine — intuition, psychic awareness, clairvoyance
  • Black Onyx — sends back any form of negativity directed at you. protective, grounding
  • Blue Chalcedony — instills…
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External Obstacle, Internal Obstacle, Goal

Ex : Divine Purpose 

In : Make A Wish

Go : Dreams 

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Yes or No Spreads


At the end of the day in Tarot, most people are looking for an answer to a question. Will he come back? Is this job right for me? Should I move into this house? Is she someone I can trust? These are examples of questions that I have asked and have been asked. All of these can be answered with a simple yes or no.

However, pulling a single card is pretty…blunt. Sometimes cards can be totally neutral…or not seem relevant in your question. This is why there’s some super clear yes or no spreads out there. They take only  few cards, a little bit of time, and often don’t take too much work to find out your answer.


Mary. K. Greer’s “Yes or No” Spread

This is a good spread only if you use reversals in your deck. Use any cards you like (Minor Arcana, Major Arcana, a combination, whatever ya like!!)

Pull three cards, and place them in a horizontal line.

Count out the reversals as “no” and the upright at “yes”. The middle card will count for two.

For example, the first card is an upright, the second card is a reversed and the third card is reversed. This means that the tally comes to upright: 1 and reversed: 3.

This spread does leave the opportunity for a ‘maybe’ or a ‘neutral’, which is exactly how some situations pan out in the end.

However, if you want a definitive answer, count each only once.

All cards reversed: no

Two cards reversed: probably no

All cards upright: yes

Two cards upright: probably yes


Susyn Blair-Hunt’s “Yes or No” Spread

This is a yes or no for someone who doesn’t use reversals. Use the entire deck.

Pull five cards and lay them out horizontally.

Count out the ones that are odd and the ones that are even. All court cards count as odd and all Major Arcana cards count as even.

Even cards represent a yes. Odd cards represent a no. Majority even cards represent a “yes…but” and this is a good time to pull clarifying card. A majority of odd cards represent a “no…but,” and again, pull out some clarifying cards!